Executive Director

With over 20 years of rich experience in business preparation, planning, operation and management, he has been devoted to architecture design in a cross-disciplinary way ever since 2009. Years of architecture design management gives him abundant knowledge about the evolution and development of commercial architecture and interior design as well as unique insight into development of contemporary commercial architecture. For over twenty years of accumulation, he never stops the pursuit of perfection.


Executive Director
Italian Registered Architect

He graduated from Politechnico di Milano with a major in architect industrial design in the year of 1988. He has been working with world-renowned architects and artists. Over the years, he has accomplished overall planning design of Parona Town in Italy,participated in the construction of Futurshow Event and Italian Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo. The proposal design of African-Joint Pavilion he produced at Shanghai World Expo won the design prize.

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